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Custom Can Coolies .Wear coat for your beverage tube cans


In the summer of 2004, for the first time in 20 years, Seagram's Coolers Beverages dropped their traditional teardrop glass bottles and changed their fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages to a trademark and bracket with a tropical motif.

The complete replacement of the bottle and bottle pattern is to modernize the packaging of beverages that have now been renamed Cooler Escapes and to attract consumers. While introducing new packaging, the company added new flavors to Coolers beverages.

Peter Gyimesi, VP of off-the-shelf product sales at American Beverages, said: "After a year of development, our products have undergone dramatic changes. Whether it is our loyal consumers or those consumers who first consumed our products will find that Our brand is tantalizing with the times, which is very attractive.” Richard Cho, senior brand manager for Coolers Beverages added, “The company conducted a consumer test for up to 18 months before changing the packaging. Our packaging has been for 20 years. It doesn't change, it seems a little outdated. So we wanted to replace the bottle and bottle pattern with a packaging that was in sync with the 21st century."

For 20 years, Coolers has been using teardrop glass bottles, and his neck trademark has even covered a part of the bottle crown. “Sometimes, this trademark prevents consumers from drinking directly at the bottle,” Cho said. “For consumers, the new bottle is even more convenient.” The new logo and brackets are patterned with tropical motifs. . Gyimesi added: “Consumers can't help but notice our designs. He gives consumers a cool feeling to escape everyday life.” The trademark is printed by Cameo Crafts Intl. The frame is printed by Smurfit-Stone gravure.

Although Seagram's Cooler Escapes beverages and Smooth drinks are not the same, they can all be packaged on its packaging line in the Lawrenceburg factory. Nonetheless, the difference in the conversion of bottle-type packaging still requires the production line to additionally adjust the replacement equipment. Brian Keating, senior sales director for Pernod North America, said. "Our marketing staff wants a new bottle similar to a beer bottle," he said. "We have a close relationship with Paul Morehead, the design director of American Beverage Company, and the glass model designers of Owens-Illinois. Cooperation. We are trying to design a novel bottle shape for market demand.” In fact, with Owens-Illinois, Pernod can make Coolers bottles even higher, or make the bottle shoulders even lower. He said: "But we keep the diameter of the bottle, the position of the brand and the bottleneck slope unchanged to be consistent with the Smooth bottle." Keating said: "This means we can use the same assembly line, such as the packaging line." Efficiency has also been improved. Although the Coolers bottle and the Smooth bottle are somewhat different, Owens-Illinois overcame this with a blank mold. "All they have to do is change the air blow mold instead of the blank mold," Keating said. "In our production environment, this will significantly reduce bottle production costs and increase production efficiency."

In other ways, the two bottles come in very big. Seagram's Smooth Drink uses a self-adhesive label, while Coolers drinks uses a wet-cut label. The shape of the two labels is also very different. "The Smooth drink label is rectangular, black," Keating said. "As with the Coolers drink's tray pattern, the label has an arched bow in the middle." The product is filled at the Lawrenceburg factory, with the back of the bottle. The label is already affixed, so the production line only needs to be affixed to the front. Bill Pulton, director of finished packaging at the Lawrencesburg plant, added: "The factory is no longer accepting boxes of bottles and accepting bulk bottles. This simplifies the filling process and reduces costs."

Source: Industry Packaging Solutions

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